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3 Key Cutting Machines

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by | Jun 9, 2023 | Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

Our key cutting service is one of the most important locksmith services we provide at Mobile Locksmith. This service ensures that our customers have access to high-quality duplicate keys that perfectly fit their locks. Although our experts make it look easy, key cutting isn’t as simple as it seems.

Key cutting is an intricate process that requires extensive training, specialized tools, and precise techniques to craft the perfect key. Whether you’re a locksmith seeking to refine your skills or simply intrigued by the artistry behind key duplication, this blog will help you get one step closer to mastering the craft. Explore the key cutting machines in this blog to better understand this work of art.

3 Key Cutting Machines

Key cutting is more than a mechanical process; it is an art form that requires skill, patience, and a keen eye for detail. In order to master this craft, one must undergo extensive training and use cutting-edge tools to create flawless duplicates. At the heart of these tools is the key cutting machine, a versatile device that ensures precision. Here are three types of  key cutting machines for you to consider:

Traditional Key Cutting Machines

When you think of key cutting machines, the first one that comes to mind is the traditional key cutting machine. This is a reliable key cutting machine that has stood the test of time. This key cutting tool features rotating blades that carve out the grooves of the key to duplicate practically any key, from simple house keys to intricate high-security keys. Although you can rely on this machine for accurate cutting, your keys will not be as precise as with the following key cutting machines.

Laser Key Cutting Machines

A laser key cutting machine allows you to precisely cut keys at great speed. With this machine, you are able to duplicate high-security keys, laser-cut keys, and automotive transponder keys. Although this machine hasn’t been around as long as traditional machines, you will be able to duplicate keys at a much more efficient pace. However, you won’t have the versatility of a traditional key cutting machine.

Computerized Key Cutting Machines

Both the traditional and laser key cutting machines are helpful, but they lack in areas the others make up for. To ensure you don’t have to deal with either of their shortcomings, you should opt for a computerized key cutting machine. This machine offers the best of both worlds, combining the advantages of traditional and laser methods. They offer versatility and precision like no other.

The Key Cutting Process

Now that you are more familiar with the various key cutting machines, it’s time to dive into the key cutting process. The following steps will transform raw key blanks into perfectly functioning duplicates:

Choose The Key Blank

To start, you will need to carefully choose the key blank that best matches the original key. Each key blank has its own unique characteristics and is selected based on compatibility. When you have the best match, you can be confident that the duplicate key will fit your lock perfectly.

Clamp And Trace The Original Key

The original key will then be securely clamped to serve as a template. This will make it easier to trace the cuts onto the key blank. To ensure accurate alignment, you’ll need a trained eye and a steady hand for this step.

Cut and Shape Your New Key

The key cutting machine will carve out the grooves and indentations while holding the key blank in place, replicating the original key’s pattern. Keep an eye on the cutting process for the best precision. After that, you may need to refine the shape and edges of the key.

3 Key Cutting Machines

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We hope you’ve gained a new appreciation for the artistry that goes into this essential craft. Everything from the key cutting machines that shape keys to the techniques used ensures the security of your home. So, if you want to see a professional’s skills firsthand, contact Mobile Locksmith.

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