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5 Commercial Applications Of Digital Door Locks

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by | Nov 30, 2023 | Commercial Locksmith | 0 comments

Digital door locks are the latest step in the evolution of security technology. They have made the process of moving between spaces faster and more convenient without sacrificing safety. They take the form of key cards, keypads, smart locks, and even magnetic locks. Offices, banks, and even retail stores have taken full advantage of all sorts of digital door locks. However, you’re probably more curious as to the specific commercial applications of digital door locks than where they’re found. Keep reading this blog to learn more about them. 

5 Commercial Applications Of Digital Door Locks

Digital door locks can be found in all kinds of locations, but there are five particular commercial applications of digital door locks to be aware of. These are the ways in which digital door locks are used in commercial settings: 

1. Protecting Information

If you work in a bank or other place that’s responsible for sensitive information, you will likely encounter Grade 1 and Grade 2 commercial locks. Grade 1 refers to highly durable locks for high-security areas, while Grade 2 ones are used to safeguard areas that store information or valuables. After all, robbers can easily use that information to defraud an individual or organization, and digital door locks add another layer of difficulty for an outsider to surpass. 

2. Monitoring Access

Some digital door locks use smart technology that makes it possible to create a record of who accessed what areas in a facility. This allows managers to know where employees are at certain times of the day. This feature is especially useful if an attempted break-in is being investigated. This monitoring can also be possible with smart locks that use WiFi and Bluetooth. 

commercial applications of digital door locks

3. Restricting Movement

The flipside of monitoring access is the restriction of movement. With digital door locks, some people might be recognized as having authorization to access specific areas. Entry can be denied to someone who doesn’t have permission to enter a room, thanks to this security technology. 

4. Entry Reinforcement

The different grades of commercial locks are also applicable to digital door locks. This helps keep anyone who isn’t an employee from easily accessing spaces for authorized personnel. While Grades 1 and 2 are for high-security areas and areas that store valuables, Grade 3 digital locks are for places like offices, break rooms, and other low-security rooms. 

5. Safeguarding Merchandise 

Finally, where commercial applications of digital door locks are concerned, they can also be used to safeguard merchandise. This protection can be used to keep merchandise and products protected in a specific storage location or to keep the merchandise being used for display purposes from being stolen or damaged. 

Picking The Right Digital Door Locks For Commercial Purposes 

Now that you understand the commercial applications of digital door locks, you probably want to know how to pick the right lock for your commercial property. First, you need to think about whether the lock you have in mind can be easily integrated with your current security system’s technology. Then, you need to determine if the locks will actually meet all your security needs and whether or not they will be easy for your employees to use in their daily lives. 

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