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How to Prevent Burglary

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by | Last updated Oct 17, 2022 | Commercial Locksmith, Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

Your home or business is a long-term investment. Not only do you sink vast amounts of your income into each, but you also invest your time and energy—equally valuable resources—as well. Possessions as important as your home and business deserve the highest levels of attention you can afford to give them. In a way, they are almost extensions of yourself. That is why burglary can be so devastating. It can feel personally violating when an authorized individual breaks into your property to destroy and take what doesn’t belong to them. If you want to avoid becoming a victim of crime, you need to learn how to prevent burglarly. Check out our top tips about how to do so! 

1. Invest In a Security System

Nearly 3,000 burglars happen every day in the United States. Despite that high number, only 1 out of 4 U.S. residents have a home security system. Likely, most people do not realize that homes that lack security systems are 300% more likely to be targeted by a property criminal. Security systems have proven to be excellent deterrents against theft, and the cost of installing one is much less than the expenses associated with a break-in. This technology is a worthwhile investment for any homeowner or business owner. 

Wondering which security systems are the best? There are plenty of great security companies out there. Among them are: 

  • ADT
  • Cove 
  • Vivint 
  • Ring
  • SimpliSafe 

Any of these choices would make a great option to protect your home or business from malicious individuals. They have all garnered good reputations for themselves on the security market and have many glowing reviews. 

2. Stop Hiding Spare Keys

Hiding spare keys might seem like a good idea when you’re looking to prevent an emergency lockout situation. However, this practice makes it easy for burglars to gain entry into your home or business. Common hiding places such as inside the mailbox, on top of the doorjamb, beneath a statue, or under the welcome mat are well-known to property criminals. It will only take them a few minutes to locate a spare key, no matter how clever you think your hiding place is. Save yourself from becoming a victim of a crime by leaving a spare key with a trusted family member instead of leaving it on your property. 

A burglar in the home of a resident who didn't learn how to prevent burglary

3. Invest In Good Lighting

Burglars do not want to be seen. Their goal is to enter and exit their target property as quickly as possible without detection. Thus, they are more likely to target properties that have plenty of shadow cover. The more well-lighted your property is, the better. No burglar wants to be caught in the beams of your outdoor flood lights. Purchasing outdoor lighting is an inexpensive and easy solution to keeping property criminals away. 

4. Keep Up With Landscaping 

Are you a fan of tall, magnificent shrubbery and other plants? While large bushes might look wonderful in your yard, they can also provide convenient hiding places for criminals. It’s better to keep your landscaping at a minimum to prevent anyone from getting into your home or business unnoticed. Trim back your bushes and go for more toned-down greenery. While it may cramp your style, making sure that your property does not provide convenient hiding places for criminals will be worth it in the end. 

We Know How to Prevent Burglary! 

The four tips above should be enough to help protect your property from burglary. However, if you’re still worried about the security level of your home or business, our team can help. Professional locksmiths can perform inspections to find weaknesses in your security, then implement long-lasting solutions. Contact our team of experts today for assistance! 

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