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What Is a Mobile Auto Locksmith?

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There are several different types of locksmiths. These professionals are highly versatile, and they specialize in multiple areas. There are car locksmiths, residential locksmiths, commercial locksmiths, and mobile locksmiths. Then, there are professionals who specialize in multiple areas, such as mobile auto locksmiths. Considering the title of this blog, you probably are already curious about what a mobile auto locksmith is and how they can help you, so let’s get into it. Check out our complete guide to mobile auto locksmiths now! 

What Is a Mobile Auto Locksmith, Exactly? 

A mobile auto locksmith is exactly what it sounds like. These professionals travel to your location when their services are needed, and they specialize in working with cars. So if you need a locksmith to travel to your location to fix a problem with your car, this is the type of professional you will need to assist you. 

How Much Do Mobile Auto Locksmiths Cost? 

Mobile auto locksmiths generally charge between $85 and $175 for their services. However, costs may go up to $250 or even $300 depending on how complex your job is and what time you called for assistance. (When you contact a locksmith during off hours, there is sometimes an additional charge.) If you are on a tight budget and feel concerned about whether or not you can afford to hire a mobile auto locksmith, it is best to ask for a free estimate. Many companies are happy to give you a price estimate before beginning your project. 

A car with keys in the lock that needs a mobile auto locksmith

Do Mobile Auto Locksmiths Work On Every Type of Car? 

Mobile Auto Locksmiths work on most standard makes and models. That includes: 

  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Ford
  • Hyundai 
  • Volvo 
  • Volkswagen 
  • Suburu 
  • Chrysler
  • Mazda 
  • Dodge 
  • Nissan 
  • Acura 
  • And more! 

Some mobile auto locksmiths also work with luxury brands such as Jaguar and Porsche. However, that depends on the company. When you call a professional for assistance, you should always check to make sure they work on your make and model. 

What Do Mobile Auto Locksmiths Do? 

You are now equipped with essential information about pricing. Next, you should learn about the type of services that mobile auto locksmiths offer. Here are five things a mobile auto locksmith can assist you with: 

1. Car Lockouts

Most of us have had the unpleasant experience of getting locked out of our vehicles. You go to open the door, and it won’t budge. Then, your heart sinks as your eyes make contact with the keys on the driver’s seat. Or perhaps your transponder dies while you’re out with friends, leaving you stranded at a restaurant or bar. It doesn’t matter how you get locked out of your vehicle. No matter the situation, a mobile auto locksmith will be able to help you. 

2. Broken Key Extraction

You turn your keys in the ignition so much it is almost second nature. Each time, your key smoothly goes forward or turns backward. You start to take it for granted that things will always be this way. So when your car key breaks in the ignition, it can cause all sorts of panic. When your car key breaks in the ignition, you’ll need a mobile locksmith to assist you. They will use special tools for the broken key extraction, ensuring there is no further damage to your ignition. 

3. Ignition Repair

Mobile auto locksmiths don’t just help with locks and keys. They can also help you with your ignition. If your ignition is malfunctioning or has become jammed, a mobile auto locksmith is the right professional to call. 

4. Lock Replacement  

Sometimes, the locks on your car become old or worn. Perhaps a would-be car thief even tampered with them, causing them to become damaged. If any of these things have happened to you, a mobile auto locksmith can replace or rekey your vehicle’s locks. This helps increase security and protect your vehicle. 

5. Key Duplication and Creation

You don’t have to go to a key duplication kiosk for a low-quality copy. Instead, contact a mobile auto locksmith. Any locksmith can create near-perfect duplicates of your keys for a reasonable price. 

We Offer Mobile Auto Locksmith Services!

Perhaps after reading this, you’ve realized that you are in need of a mobile auto locksmith’s assistance. If that’s the case, you should contact our team. The experts at Mobile Locksmith are here to help vehicle owners 24/7 through emergency situations and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

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