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Your Guide to Mobile Locksmiths

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Sometimes, you may not be able to travel to a locksmith. In that case, you’ll need a locksmith to travel to you. While we hope that you never have to be one of the unlucky individuals who find themselves in an emergency that requires the help of a mobile locksmith, the chances are you will likely end up needing assistance eventually. More than 16,000 emergencies that require the expertise of a mobile locksmith happen every day. That’s the bad news. Thankfully, there is good news as well. It is easy to find a professional to assist you when you run into one of these emergencies. Check out our guide about mobile locksmiths to learn more valuable information! 

What Is a Mobile Locksmith? 

But what is a mobile locksmith, exactly? That’s a great question. A mobile locksmith is essentially the same as a regular locksmith. However, a mobile locksmith travels to your location rather than requiring you to visit them at a specific location. Usually, these locksmiths operate 24/7 because they specialize in emergency services. On the other hand, locksmiths who only operate from a brick-and-mortar location tend to have set business hours. 

Costs of Working WIth a Mobile Locksmith

On average, locksmith services cost about $160. However, you may end up paying less or more depending on the locksmith you choose. You could pay as low as $75 or up to $300 for locksmith services. High costs tend to correlate with the difficulty of the job or the time at which you contact a mobile locksmith for assistance. When you need assistance during the holidays or outside of normal business hours, it may cost you a little extra. 

How a Mobile Locksmith Can Help You 

Now you’re equipped with valuable information about the definition of a mobile locksmith and how much these professionals charge. However, this information won’t be of much use to you if you don’t know when you should contact an expert for help. Here are four situations when it is appropriate to call a mobile locksmith: 

A mobile locksmith repairs a door lock.

1. You’re Experiencing a Car Lockout Emergency

No amount of technology has been able to eradicate car lockout situations. Measures have certainly gotten better, but they are far from perfect. Even if you have a transponder key, it is still possible to find yourself stranded in the middle of nowhere. When you get locked out of your car, it is time to call a mobile locksmith. A mobile locksmith will travel to wherever you are stranded and get you back into your vehicle. They can get your vehicle’s door open using special tools and even reprogram your transponder keys! 

2. You’re Experiencing a Home Lockout Emergency

Home lockouts are much more common than car lockouts. It is easy to lose keys, have them stolen, or experience them breaking. Your lock could also become jammed, or your smart lock might glitch. Whatever the reason behind your home lockout emergency, a mobile locksmith will be able to assist you. 

3. Your Key Has Broken In the Lock

Unfortunately, keys are more delicate than most people realize. Keys are made out of metal, and that means it is easy to assume they are more durable than they are. And keys are durable, but that doesn’t mean that they last forever. Think about how much wear and tear your key undergoes each day. Car keys get used every time you have to commute. Residential keys get used every time you enter and leave your home. 

4. Your Lock Broke, Leaving Your Home Vulnerable

If your locks break, your home becomes an instant target for burglars. You should never go even a day without getting a broken lock fixed, lest you put yourself and your family at risk. Call a mobile locksmith right away for emergency repairs. 

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