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6 Locksmith Services

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by | Dec 15, 2022 | Locksmith Industry | 0 comments

How much thought have you given the locksmith industry? If you’re like a majority of people, you probably don’t know much about our profession. Unfortunately, many people miss out on all the benefits that locksmiths can provide because they do not realize how many services we offer. It is easy to associate locksmiths with common services like key duplication, but we can do so much more than that. It is our goal to show you how many ways experts in our industry can help you. Keep reading to learn about six locksmith services. 

6 Common Locksmith Services We Offer 

Key duplication is only the beginning. We offer many other helpful services that you can take advantage of! Here are six common locksmith services that we offer: 

1. Lock Installation 

Maybe this one seems obvious, but lock installation is an important service. Lock hardware is intricate, and it needs to be installed correctly to provide you and your family with maximum protection. Plus, there are many different types of locks. Each type has special installation needs. For instance, you would not install a commercial lock the same way you would install a residential lock. Additionally, the steps to installing a smart lock are different than the ones you would take when installing traditional lock hardware. That is why it is important to hire a locksmith rather than DIYing this project. We have the experience to work with any and every lock that you can imagine! 

2. Lock Repair 

No lock lasts forever. It may not seem like a big deal when your lock breaks, but this is an issue that needs to be addressed by a locksmith immediately. Broken locks are a security hazard because they leave your home vulnerable to burglars and other criminals. A 24/7 locksmith will be able to help you no matter the time when your lock breaks. They’ll perform any necessary repairs, or they will provide a replacement if your lock is beyond fixing. 

3. Emergency Lockout Assistance 

Most homeowners know the dreaded feeling of arriving at their residence and realizing they have lost their keys. No matter what time of the day this occurs, it is still a frustrating and stressful experience. Thankfully, mobile locksmiths are able to travel to your home and get you back inside. It is always best to contact a professional for this service because experts are able to open a lock without breaking it. If you attempt to pick or drill your lock yourself, then you are likely to end up paying for lock replacement services. You may as well get emergency lockout services and save yourself the headache. 

A locksmith helps with a lockout, one of the common locksmith services

4. Security System Installation 

Not every locksmith can help with security system installation, but most of them can. Our team specializes in business security. We can install CCTV cameras, access control systems, fire alarms, and more. 

5. Ignition Cylinder Replacement 

Locksmiths aren’t only there for homeowners and business owners. We can assist vehicle owners as well! There is no need to go to a car dealership for ignition troubles. A locksmith can help you for a fraction of the price. Your wallet will be much happier when you choose to work with a locksmith rather than a car expert. 

6. Lock Rekeying 

Replacing your locks can be expensive. That is because you have to pay for labor as well as brand-new hardware. But if you want to save money, you can go with lock rekeying instead. Rekeying your locks involves changing out a few pins or cylinders in your current hardware, then creating a key. This can improve your security without compromising your budget. 

We Offer High-Quality Locksmith Services! 

We hope we have opened your eyes to the versatility of locksmiths. There are a wide variety of locksmith services available, and many professionals operate around the clock to ensure you always have access to expert help in your time of need. Our team at Mobile Locksmith is here 24/7 to help you with all of the locksmith services above and more. Contact us today to learn more about our team! 

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