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Different Types of Door Locks

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by | Last updated Dec 15, 2022 | Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

You probably don’t put a lot of thought into your locks. Homeowners have a million things to worry about around their residences, such as the sump pump, water heater, HVAC system, and more, so locks often are the last thing on people’s minds. If you’re like most busy Americans, you most likely don’t have time to think about every part of your home, and that’s okay. After all, spouses, children, pets, friends, work, school, and play are all important too. But we do encourage you to put some thought into your locks this year. These security measures are a crucial part of keeping your home and yourself safe. 

If you’re ready to get a lock replacement and beef up your home’s security, you need to learn about the different types of door locks. Here are six types of door locks you can find in residences! Some are better than others, so it is important that you choose carefully when selecting one for your home. If you are still unsure about which type of lock is right for you after reading our blog, it may be a good idea to consult a local locksmith to learn more. 

1. Smart Locks

Smart technology is increasingly becoming more popular. Everywhere you turn, you can see smart technology in the form of phones, doorbells, watches, and more. That is why we added smart locks to the top of our list. This technology is convenient and secure, making it an excellent choice for homeowners in areas that are at a high risk of burglary. Smart locks are not able to be picked, bumped, or drilled, three common burglary techniques used to bypass traditional hardware. High-end models are also able to withstand brute force, keeping your door closed in the event of an attack. 

But what we love most about smart locks are their convenient features. Most smart locks connect to an app on your phone, allowing you to operate it remotely. That means you can unlock your door from anywhere. If you need to let a friend in but are in the middle of cooking an elaborate meal, a tap on your phone is all it takes. You don’t even have to leave the kitchen. You can also open the door from your vehicle after a shopping trip, allowing you to get in easily even with your arms full of bags. And if your smart door lock has a camera, you can keep an eye on your home remotely. How convenient is that? 

2. Door Knob Locks 

Knob locks are one of the most common types of door locks. You can find them in almost any home, whether inside or outside. But of all the types of door locks, this is one of the least secure options. You should never use door knobs for exterior doors. They are vulnerable to all of the common burglary techniques like bumping, picking, and drilling. If you must have a door knob lock on your exterior doors, it is essential that you purchase a high-security deadbolt for added protection. Deadbolts with an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) grade 1 are the most secure options available. 

A door knob lock that is not installed yet, one of the many different types of locks

3. Deadbolts 

Deadbolts are most often used as secondary locks to reinforce the security of weaker hardware. As the name suggests, they operate with a strong bolt that is operated using either a key or thumb turn. The bolt slides into a strike plate, which is a piece of metal framing that keeps the bolt securely in place. 

There are several types of deadbolts. A single-cylinder deadbolt has a keyhole on one side and a thumb turn on the other. This is a common type found in homes. Double-cylinder deadbolts have keyholes on both the interior and exterior. While this makes them a secure choice, it also makes them a safety risk if you needed to exit quickly in an emergency. Thus, you need to be careful to always have a key nearby the lock if you are going to choose a double-cylinder product for your home. 

Finally, some deadbolts come with keyholes and electronic pin pads. They are a combination of smart and traditional hardware. If you are looking for a techy, high-security lock but you don’t want to pay for a fancy smart product, this may be a good choice for you. 

4. Lever Locks 

Lever locks are another common type of door lock. They are commonly found in interiors, as they do not offer sufficient security on their own. But if you like the look of lever locks for your home’s exterior doors, there are some things you can do to enhance protection. Installing cameras near your door as well as a deadbolt are two good ways to prevent burglary despite having weaker lock hardware. 

We Can Install Different Types of Door Locks! 

Are you ready to choose a new lock for your home? It is always a great idea to update your lock hardware to enhance security. But if you are still unsure what types of door locks would be best for your residence, feel free to reach out to our team. We are here to assist you whenever you are in need. Contact us today to learn more about our services! 

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