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What Are Bump Keys

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by | Jan 10, 2023 | Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

It seems like thieves are becoming smarter and more cunning as the years go by. New methods are continuously being made to break into homes and steal innocent people’s possessions. Using bump keys, in particular, is one method that every homeowner should especially be wary of.

When placed in the wrong hands, bump keys will quickly turn your home into a burglary swap meet. Bump keys are not widely known to ordinary citizens, so we must educate homeowners about all things lock bumping and how to prevent it. Learn more about this topic below to ensure your home is prepared.

What Are Bump Keys?

Many of you may be asking yourself, “What are bump keys?” Simply put, a bump key is a lock-picking tool that can bypass traditional locks as if it was the original key. For the past 50 years, bump keys have been in use, but not for burglary.

Locksmiths all over have used bump keys to assist homeowners that become locked out of their homes. However, thanks to the Internet, information about bump keys is now easily accessible. There are numerous YouTube videos that show the process of creating a bump key and lock bumping, which puts more homes in danger.

Beyond going out of your way to create a bump key, you can easily purchase one on Amazon for only a few dollars. This is why you should adamantly work to prevent becoming the next victim of lock bumping.

Ways To Prevent Lock Bumping

Lock bumping is a lock-picking technique where one inserts a bump key into a keyhole. Then the key is jammed (or bumped) further in, allowing easy access to many homes. One way for you to prevent this outcome is by replacing your traditional lock with a bump-proof keyless lock.

Bump-Proof Keyless Lock

90% of US homes have traditional cylinder locks. Since bump keys will easily open these locks, many people are in danger of lock bumping. Thankfully, a keyless lock will immediately take you off the potential bump key victims lists. With this smart lock, you won’t have to deal with sifting through each of your keys to find the right one. 

Depending on the smart lock you select, it won’t have a key slot, lowering your risk of a break-in. However, these aren’t completely void of security. Lock bumping won’t have an impact on your property, but your keyless smart lock could become hacked. To ensure this doesn’t occur, purchase Z-Wave-certified smart locks, which will protect your home from hacks.

Security System

Installing a security system in your home is always a smart move. With an alarm system and multiple cameras set up, you will be prepared for anything. Most crimes won’t be committed when the culprit knows they will get caught. So a potential key bumper will be stopped in its tracks once they notice a camera or hear the alarm ring.

Automatic Lighting

If you want to scare thieves away by giving the impression that you are home, automatic lighting will easily accomplish this for you. Appearing like you are home is an old-fashioned but helpful way to protect your home and spook burglarers. You can either place them on a timer or have them turn on whenever they sense movement.

what are bump keys

Mobile Locksmith Is On The Job

That’s all there is to it. Now that you know what are bump keys, you can obtain peace of mind and avoid any lock-bumping thieves with the above methods. Lock bumping is an ever-increasing problem, so spread the word on how to prevent friends and family members from becoming victims of a break-in.

In the meantime, explore our many locksmith services to ensure you have access to your home and it remains protected. With our installation service, we can easily install your bump-proof keyless lock. So give our team of experts a call to get started.

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