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How To Put A Dog Door In A Glass Door

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Do you access your backyard via sliding or non-sliding glass doors? Do you happen to have a furry family member who needs to do their business or stretch their legs outside once in a while? The good news is that if you have a glass door, it is absolutely possible to install a dog door in it. Today we are going to show you how to put a dog door in a glass door. 

1. Determine If Your Glass Door Is Single Or Double Panel

Before you proceed with the process of how to put a dog door in a glass door, you’ll need to determine whether or not your glass door is single or double-panel glass. If you own a single-panel glass door, putting a dog door in it will be fairly simple in comparison to that of a double-panel glass door. In the case that your glass door is double-panel, you’ll want to hire a glazier to prepare it for a dog door installation.

2. Measure The Glass Door

After taking care of determining whether you have a single or double-panel glass door, you’ll want to obtain the measurements of your glass door. These measurements include the glass’s thickness and width. By measuring the glass door, you’ll be able to find material for your dog door that is most compatible with your current glass door. With these measurements, you can avoid any complications when it’s time for installation. 

3. Measure Your Pet To Determine Door Size

Of course, your dog door is only worth investing in if your pet is able to move through it easily. For this reason, you’ll need to measure your pet to determine the size of your dog door. The recommended technique is to measure the height and width of your pet at the widest part of their body: the shoulder. For final measurements, you’ll add one inch, so your pet has enough space to move comfortably. Now that you have the measurements required for how to put a dog door in a glass door, it’s time to make this door a reality. 

how to put a dog door in a glass door

4. Choose The Location For The Dog Door

The first step in officially putting a dog door in a glass door is to determine which part of the glass door you want to install it. Pick a part of your glass door that allows your pet to solidly plant their paws so they can easily make their way outside and inside. Also, ensure that the spot you pick has enough space around it for your pet to reach. The more accessible the dog door is for your pet, the better. 

5. Order The Right Dog Door

For the penultimate step in how to put a dog door in a glass door, you’ll need to order the right door for your pet. Using the measurements you obtained of the glass and your pet, you’ll be able to find a door that meets those size requirements. You’ll even be able to narrow down your choices based on what door works best with glass. After placing the order, all you’ll have to do is wait for it to arrive. 

6. Install The Door 

Finally, once the door arrives, ensure that you have the necessary tools for a successful installation. The first step in installing a dog door in a glass door is to drill a hole in the glass in the chosen location. Once you’ve cleared away any and all glass debris, follow the user manual to install the frame and opening correctly. This step will involve using screws to make the door as secure as possible. After testing out the door, you’ll have completed the entire process of how to put a dog door in a glass door. If you feel better leaving this step to a professional, there is no shame in reaching out to one to ensure the best results. 

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