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Four Myths About Locksmiths

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by | Apr 10, 2023 | Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

When people think about locksmiths, they think of miracle workers who can unlock practically anything. Although this does have some truth, there is also some hyperbole. There are many myths surrounding the image of a locksmith, such as how expensive they are and how they all have some master lock ready to open anything. In this blog, we will discuss these myths about locksmiths and debunk them accordingly. Continue reading to gain some insight into locksmithing.

Four Myths About Locksmiths

There are many myths floating around about locksmiths, including that they are shady, expensive, or even have a universal master lock. Learn how these four myths are just that—myths—below.

Myth One: All Locksmiths Have A Master Key

The first myth we would like to address is that all locksmiths have a universal master key that can grant them access anywhere. You might be a little suspicious after reading this, and you should be. If this were the case, there would be master keys everywhere, ensuring that everyone’s possessions were vulnerable to theft.

In reality, there are only master lock systems created by apartment managers. Locksmiths bypass locks using their knowledge and tools. They do this by duplicating keys and picking locks. But there is a myth about locksmiths and picking locks.

Myth Two: Locksmiths Can Pick Any Lock

Locksmiths seem to have the magic touch, but they can’t pick just any lock. Even if a locksmith is highly skilled in lock picking, there are just some locks that can’t be picked. Some were specifically designed to be unpickable, others don’t even have a keyhole. So while many locks can be picked, not all of them can.

Myth Three: Locksmiths Are Expensive

You would think that a team of experts that work around the clock to provide homeowners with locksmith services would be incredibly expensive, but that isn’t the case. This can be surprising for many since repairing door locks can be costly. However, there are many services that locksmiths offer that are both affordable and effective. Mobile Locksmith is the perfect example.

Are you locked outside your home? Our emergency lockout service will fix your mistake at an affordable rate. In need of another key for a new roommate? Our key duplication service is the best way to provide you with a new key without spending an exorbitant amount of money.

Myth Four: Locksmiths Are Shady

Although there are scams to be on the lookout for, not all locksmiths are shady. Now, we can’t speak for everybody, but the locksmiths at Mobile Locksmiths are trustworthy and honest with our clients. This is to ensure you are comfortable with this process since a total stranger is gaining access to your private space. Locksmiths typically do their job to help others, which is why locksmiths being shady isn’t factual.

Myths About Locksmiths

Mobile Locksmith Can Assist

There are many myths about locksmiths that are simply not true. Worldwide chaos would ensue from the creation of a master key. For everyone’s safety, it’s a good thing that not all locks can be picked. Additionally, a lot of locksmiths want to help people who are in trouble, whether they’ve locked themselves out of their houses or require new keys.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, it’s best to call a locksmith, but not just any locksmith. The most knowledgeable and experienced team at Mobile Locksmith will guarantee that your door locks are in the best condition and that you have keys to access your home. To experience our services firsthand, give our team a call. We work around the clock to ensure your safety and the safety of many others, so get the help you need.

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