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How To Install A Window Lock Bar: 5 Steps

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by | May 9, 2023 | Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

A window lock bar is one way to go about enhancing home security. It takes your windows into consideration as a potential entry point for intruders. If you happen to live in an area that’s prone to break-ins, investing in a window lock bar is a wise choice.

However, you’re probably wondering what there is to gain from installing window lock bars. Additionally, you probably would like to know how to install a window lock bar as soon as you obtain it. The good news is that you can find out the answers to both questions if you continue reading this blog.

Why Install Window Lock Bars?

Window lock bars offer quite a few short and long-term benefits. The most obvious long-term benefit is that this type of window lock is very sturdy and difficult for potential intruders to maneuver. This quality makes these lock bars a significant asset to your home security system. Window lock bars are also affordable, so you don’t need to worry about spending too much money to increase your sense of safety and security at home.

There is, however, one drawback to these locks. Because they give the impression that your property is in an unsafe location, window lock bars aren’t great for your property’s value. For this reason, make sure your living situation is one where installing window lock bars means the difference between whether or not you experience a home invasion.

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How To Install A Window Lock Bar

Now that you understand when you might need to install window lock bars, you’re ready to learn how to install a window lock bar. You should be able to install this new security feature successfully by following these steps.

1. Check Local Building Codes

A window lock bar can be installed internally or externally. If you plan to use external bars, check your local building codes first. The codes will help you determine whether you can install an external window lock bar or need to settle for an internal installation.

2. Take The Necessary Measurements

You want a window lock bar system that can cover your window but not be so big as to allow someone to slide their arm through it easily. That’s why this next step involves recording the measurements of your window. That way, you can find the right window bar lock set that will fit your window and leave just the right amount of room for a proper installation.

3. Find The Right Window Lock Bar

With your measurements, you’re now ready to find the right window lock bars for your home. Take time to consider the brand and material for the bars. Reading online reviews from previous buyers will also help you determine which ones to purchase.

4. Use A Level To Mark The Positions

Once your window lock bar set has arrived, take a spirit level to help determine where they will be installed in relation to your window. Use a removable substance like chalk to mark the installation points on the siding if you’re doing an external installation. After completing this step, it’ll be time for the actual process of how to install a window lock bar.

5. Drill Holes And Screw In The Bars

For this final step in how to install a window bar lock, you’ll start by drilling the necessary amount of holes in the spots you marked earlier. After drilling, you’ll screw in the bars with security screws. Ensure that they’re nice and tight and won’t easily come loose.

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