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5 Signs of Needing Door Lock Repairs

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by | Last updated Jul 13, 2022 | Residential Locksmith | 0 comments

Door locks are essential in protecting your home or business. If your locks aren’t working properly or have sustained damage, it leaves your property open for a burglary or robbery. It’s important you have door locks repaired when they show signs of problems.

While some lock repairs could be completed on your own, it’s important you have more complicated repairs or replacements handled by a professional locksmith. They’ll know how to diagnose your issue and implement an effective, long-lasting solution.

1. Visible Damage

Any visible damage to your door lock should result in a complete replacement or repairs. Damage to a door lock can occur from someone tampering with it or potentially something running into it.

Damage to a door lock will decrease the integrity of the lock, meaning the next burglar could make it inside. Make sure your locks are in perfect condition. That way, you can feel comfortable knowing your property is protected.

2. Loose or Missing Hardware

Loose Doorknob Lock

Is your lock loose on the door? Is it missing a screw or too to keep it in place? If you answered yes to either of these, your door lock is in serious trouble. Seek lock repairs sooner than later when your lock is loose or missing hardware.

Your lock may be loose because it is missing hardware. Another reason may be due to it being tampered with. Regardless, a lock should sit flush and solid on a door. Otherwise, it fails to protect your property as best as possible and opens it up to a thief.

3. Doesn’t Lock or Unlock Properly

Whenever you have a difficult time locking or unlocking your door, you should have a locksmith inspect the lock. The problem could be from misalignment with the door, the internal mechanism, or it may have been tampered with.

Age and weathering could also be causes of a door lock not working properly. No matter the cause, you should have a locksmith inspect it and make any repairs necessary.

4. Lock Cyldiner Rotates 360 Degrees

Damaged Door Lock Cylinder

The lock cylinder is the portion of the lock you insert your key into. When inserting your key, if the cylinder rotates 360 degrees, it’s got a serious problem. You likely won’t be able to access your home when this occurs.

In that case, you’ll need to call a locksmith to unlock the door by replacing the lock cylinder. This process is called rekeying. It’s affordable and fast, so you won’t have to wait long for a solution.

5. Key Doesn’t Fit or Get’s Stuck

It is possible for your existing key not to fit the lock or get stuck after sustaining damage. The damage may not be visible because it’s on the inside. It often means the lock has been tampered with, and a break-in was attempted.

Get your locks replaced, repaired, or rekeyed as soon as possible. Locksmiths can replace the lock cylinder quickly or even replace the entire lock mechanism within an hour. Make sure your home or business is protected, and the thief isn’t successful next time.

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