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How to Get a Locksmith License in Texas?

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by | Jun 22, 2022 | Locksmith Industry | 0 comments

As of the publishing of this blog, only 13 states require locksmiths to carry a license. Texas is one of those 13, so you’ll need to learn how to get a locksmith license in Texas. In other states, anyone can claim they’re an experienced locksmith, which can lead to serious problems for customers.

For this reason, we always recommend customers in unregulated states seek accredited locksmiths from Associated Locksmiths of America (ALOA). That way, the customer can feel much more comfortable about the locksmith they are hiring.

Locksmiths are able to provide a vast range of locksmith services, many of which customers are unaware of. For this reason, it is important for locksmiths to have some kind of regulation.

There are two options on how to get a locksmith license in Texas. We’ll go over each of those methods below:

Option 1: How to Get a Locksmith License in Texas

In Texas, locksmiths licenses are handled by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The license is a Class B – Security Contractor Company License. To obtain the locksmith license, you’ll need a background check, training, or an apprenticeship, and pass an exam. Any and all fees add up to approximately $37.

As long as you have a clean background, the best way to start your training or apprenticeship is to find a local locksmith shop that will take you in to train. The best way to find a locksmith company is through the Texas Locksmith Association. They have a Find A Locksmith feature where you can find a reputable locksmith in your area.

During your time as an apprentice, the locksmith shop will register you with the state to obtain a locksmith pocket card. This card will allow you to legally be a locksmith apprentice. From there, you’ll need to train and work full-time for two consecutive years.

Once you’re done with your two years of training, you may schedule an exam with Texas DPS. If you pass, you can legally start your own locksmith shop.

Option 2: How to Get a Locksmith License in Texas

The other option for obtaining a locksmith license in Texas includes requiring you to take a 48-hour basic locksmithing course. Afterward, you’ll need to attend an accredited trade school.

The curriculum must be specific to the industry and will amount to about 600 hours of class time. Some of the schools you can find may provide in-class and online options.

After schooling is complete, you’ll need to work full-time as a licensed locksmith for one year. Once all of the above qualifications are met, you can schedule a test with Texas DPS.

Maintaining a Locksmith Licenses in Texas

Even though you’ve obtained your locksmith licenses in Texas, you must meet annual qualifications:

  • Take 16 hours of continuing education every two years
  • The first year must be at least 7 hours of locksmithing subject matter and 1 hour of ethics
  • The second year must be at least 8 hours of locksmithing subject matter and 1 hour of laws and regulations in security industry

The requirements above are what will be required of you in the first two years and the years onward. Only then can you remain a licensed locksmith in Texas.

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